Entry FAQs

Dress NameChoose a name for your creation. (ie Monarch Dress, Celtic Hearts....)


*:  Be sure to fill in all these fields in order to submit your entry.


Photo*: Upload the FRONT of your dress. Choose the file, upload it. And then use the arrows to adjust what will show on the main contest page. (The whole image will show on your special entry page.)
The file must be under 2mb in order to upload!


 : Upload the design of the BACK of the dress. Don't forget the file must be under 2mb in order to upload!


SUBMITSubmit your design and share with your friends. The more votes you get the better the chance of winning the People's Choice Award! 
Your friends can VOTE for your design ONCE A DAY. If you have more than one design, they can vote for EACH ONE ONCE A DAY.


QUESTIONS????Email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. We are happy to upload your entry for you.



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