3 Lower Body Exercises for Super Strength

Love the feeling of flying across stage?!

Like when you feel like you're floating, and it looks effortless?

Power can be pretty challenging to improve.


But challenging does NOT mean impossible.


You can totally improve it with...




     Consistency with training (both strength and speed)


     Adequate recovery time and proper nutrition.


First, you'll need to build a super solid strength base. Without a lot of strength, you can't build a lot of power later on. Here are 3 different lower body exercises you need to help lay the foundation you need for power training!


?. ?????? ??????: 3 rounds of 5-8 reps/side 


?. ?????? ??????: 3 rounds of 6-8 reps/side; Use a pillow or mat under your knee to keep your knees safe.



?. ??????? ??????: 3 rounds of 6-8 reps/side; Focus on keeping the heels on the ground and chest up.


Ready to take their power to the next level?! ??


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Jeanne Weller fell in love with Irish dancing at age six and competed at the World level individually and with teams. Later her passion turned to a focus on the fitness piece required for excellent dancing that many dancers miss in their dance training. She went onto pursue a bachelor’s degree in Exercise and Fitness along with becoming certified in Personal Training and Group Exercise. Feis Fit initially designed customized dancer training programs as well as running Irish dance boot camps in the USA. The program’s success helped many dancers achieve and exceed their competitive goals. Jeanne prides herself on helping dancers enjoy the challenges of Irish dancing in a positive and supportive community. Feis Fit’s successful program is now globally recognised with offerings for customers online and in person. .


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