Audition Alert - Trinity Irish Dance Company

CASTING NOW for a 2022 winter/ spring/summer season, including scattered performances in major US cities, a week run in NYC and a 3-week summer tour of Japan!

Balance a full-time job or academic career with your role as a professional part-time performing artist!

When theatres closed their doors last spring, the Trinity Irish Dance Company (TIDC) had just celebrated the world premiere of three new pieces at Chicago’s historic Auditorium Theatre, performed in New York City, completed a full-day photo shoot with world-renowned dance photographer Lois Greenfield, and were gearing up for their 8th summer tour of Japan. While the pandemic hit “pause” on the performing arts, TIDC’s momentum did not waiver.

Now, as the world begins to open back up, TIDC has an incredible spring and summer season on the horizon that will take them from major US cities to Japan, and YOU could be a part of their celebratory return to the stage!

Not to be confused with the competitive school, Trinity Academy of Irish Dance, the Trinity Irish Dance Company is a unique, independent, nonprofit professional repertory company that exists as a forum for dancers to explore the endless potential of Irish Dance, connect with other passionate artists, utilize dance as their voice in greater social conversations, engage with communities around the world and create important new work. Alumni have come from a wide range of Irish dance schools across North America, Canada and Europe.

The TIDC seeks dancers with these attributes and skills: 

  • Versatile dancers who aspire to balance the lifestyle of a serious performing artist with another job or academic career.
  • Passionate, dedicated individuals who elevate the people around them.
  • Experience with other dance forms, a background in theater, leadership, humor, and a strong sense of commitment are experiences and qualities that matter far more to the TIDC than competitive achievements. However, many of the past company members grew up with only competitive Irish Dance experience, and expanded into new dance forms through their TIDC experience.
  • Prior troupe members include those who have struggled to make it onto regional podiums while others have won World Champion solo titles. In short, the TIDC is comprised of a diverse group of people with strong character, passion, and dance ability.  
  • Although TIDC’s alumni have come from a wide range of Irish Dance schools in North America, Canada, and Ireland, they are specifically interested in dancers that would consider moving to Chicago or nearby. This allows company members to engage in consistent creative rehearsals.

Learn more and audition online at: If you have auditioned in the past, TIDC encourages interested dancers to audition again.


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