CRDM 2019 World Championhips

CRDM World Championships
25-27 April 2019

Age/Competition Place Dancer Name School
GIRLS 9 1st Kayla Adair Royal Tara Dance Academy
  2nd Addison Porod Jig Factory Susan Stanek
  3rd Caitlin Moran Conway Dance Academy
  4th Leixie Brady Browne Rince Le Chéile
  5th Niamh Dougan Royal Tara Dance Academy
  6th Mia Raghavan Jig Factory Susan Stanek
  7th Ruby Clare Aimee-Leigh Academy
  8th Alannah Raghavan Jig Factory Susan Stanek
  9th Millie Greene The Academy Dublin/Midlands
  10th Ella Steele Royal Tara Dance Academy
GIRLS 10 1st Sarah Palmer Kindillon Rince Le Chéile
  2nd Frayah Gaffney Doyle Halpin School
  3rd Daisey Cody The Academy Dublin/Midlands
  4th Katie Foley Kelly O'Dowd School
  5th Caitlin Carisle Kerr Academy
  6th Lacie Ennis Sarah Jane's School
  7th Mia Doherty Furness School
  8th Anna Rawson Bernie O'Sullivan School
  9th Heidi Moorehouse O'Brien School Ireland
  10th Kirsty Mc Cormick Seven Towers
GIRLS 11 1st Kloe Bennett-Browne Doyle Halpin School
  2nd Hailey Cording The Academy Dublin/Midlands
  3rd Brooke Gannon Doyle Halpin School
  4th Ella Gavin Sarah Jane's School
  5th Laura Wiley Bernie O'Sullivan School
  6th Leona Delaney Bernie O'Sullivan School
  7th Annie Sinnott O'Brien School Ireland
  8th Grace Austin Phipps School
  9th Meesha Behan Behan Academy
  10th Alex Browne Doyle Halpin School
GIRLS 12 1st Leah-Simone Mc Laughlin The Academy Dublin/Midlands
  2nd Niamh Smithers Doyle Halpin School
  3rd Alannah Brady Browne Rince Le Chéile
  4th Einin Sloan Jordan Academy
  5th Saoirse Arthurs Doyle Halpin School
  6th Demi-Leigh Shearing St John's Irish Dancers
  7th Eve Magill Royal Tara Dance Academy
  8th Aoibheann O'Connor Bernie O'Sullivan School
  9th Carly Gannon Doyle Halpin School
  10th Alisha Deignan Royal Tara Dance Academy
BOYS 9 - 11 1st Freddy Beard Ellis Parr Academy
  2nd  John Morris Conway Dance Academy
  3rd Pádraig O'Neill Carol O'Driscoll School
  4th Alfie Jordan Jordan Academy UK
  6th James Morris Conway Dance Academy
  7th Cameron Byrne Emerald Academy
GIRLS 13 1st Katie Stevenson Royal Tara Dance Academy
  2nd  Kara Gallagher Conway Dance Academy
  3rd Caitlin Tomlinson Royal Tara Dance Academy
  4th Amy Mc Cambridge Royal Tara Dance Academy
  5th Mia Walsh Mernagh Academy
  6th Holly Devlin Jordan Academy
  7th Erin Poppe Jig Factory Susan Stanek
  8th Erica Redmond Ward Irish Dance
  9th Laurie Bolger Mernagh Academy
  10th Kyah Power Doyle Halpin School
GIRLS 14 1st Clodagh Cavanagh Croí Academy
  2nd Katie Wilson Royal Tara Dance Academy
  3rd Dylana Mc Ginley Jig Factory Susan Stanek
  4th Clare Surwilo Jig Factory Susan Stanek
  5th Leanne Brennan Behan Academy
  6th Lily Wooster Keogh School
  7th Katie Jeal Ace Academy
  8th Chloe McGrath O'Brien School Ireland
  9th Mollie Fitzharris Mernagh Academy
  10th Amy Meates Rince Le Chéile
GIRLS 15 1st Aising O'Sullivan Bernie O'Sullivan School
  2nd Nadine Delaney Bernie O'Sullivan School
  3rd Amelia Knight Ace Academy
  4th Aliyah Sargeant Doyle Halpin School
  5th Emma Maher Browne Doyle Halpin School
  6th Samantha Edwards Aimee-Leigh Academy
  7th Laura Dooley Furness School
  8th Saoirse Moore Croí Academy
  9th Madeleine Pinney Jig Factory Susan Stanek
  10th Ellen O'Connor Furness School
GIRLS 16 1st Jessica Cartwright Royal Tara Dance Academy
  2nd Callista O'Connor Royal Tara Dance Academy
  3rd Abbie Davies Mulvihill Academy
  4th Aoife Darcy Ward Irish Dance
  5th Katya Saultzs The Academy Dublin/Midlands
  6th Lara Core Scoil Rince Ní Mhaolaín
  7th Kayla Mc Donnell Keogh School
  8th Emma Milligan Jordan Academy
  9th Nicole Pinkasevich Doyle Halpin School
  10th Christina Brown Jordan Academy
BOYS 12 - 15 1st Leon O'Sullivan Bernie O'Sullivan School
  2nd Carson Salinger O'Rourke Hopkins School
  3rd Olgied(Olo) Mszanski Bernie O'Sullivan School
  4th Eoghan Llewelyn Bernie O'Sullivan School
  5th Ronan Galvin Bernie O'Sullivan School
  6th Corey O'Connor Wilson School
GIRLS 17 1st Emer O'Sullivan Bernie O'Sullivan School
  2nd Kearney Harding Grove Irish Dancers
  3rd Orlaith Ní Chróinín Scoil Rince Uí Thuama
  4th Jessica Jackson St John's Irish Dancers
  5th Astrah Ferris Jordan Academy
  6th Emma Cox Ward Irish Dance
  7th Hannah Fox Gallagher School
  8th Lauren Hanlon Flood O'Connor School
  9th Ciara O'Mahony Gallagher School
  10th Caoimhe Smithers Doyle Halpin School
GIRLS 18 1st Síofra Handibode Skerries Dancers
  2nd Bonnie-Lee Brooks Aimee-Leigh Academy
  3rd Elland Collier Jordan Academy
  4th Amber Fowler Ace Academy
  5th Ellie Macpherson Kelalou Academy
  6th Davina Connolly Carol O'Driscoll School
  7th Jade O'Toole Carter School
  8th Katie Donnelly Jig Factory Susan Stanek
  9th Francesca O'Connor Aimee-Leigh Academy
  10th Katelyn Kavanagh Foley Academy
LADIES 19 1st Emily Quirke Bernie O'Sullivan School
  2nd Caitlyn Thompson Flood O'Connor School
  3rd Chloe Irwin Jordan Academy
  4th Ailish Conroy Sarah Jane's School
  5th Lea Sophie Becker Scoil Rince Flood Brennan
  6th Grace Barry Ellis Parr Academy
LADIES 20 1st Mary Maher Browne Doyle Halpin School
  2nd Karen Halpin Doyle Halpin School
  3rd Mollie Boone Aimee-Leigh Academy
  4th Keerena Mullins Behan Academy
  5th Lucia Burke-Sanchez Ellis Parr Academy
  6th Nicole Owens Royal Tara Dance Academy
  7th Shauna Cox Ward Irish Dance
  8th Chloe Davidson Mahon School
  9th Carolyn Carroll Scoil Rince Le Grá
  10th Sophia Chettle O'Brien School   UK
LADIES 21 1st Seoidin Handibode Skerries Dancers
  2nd Joanne Furlong Furness School
  3rd Kayleigh Carter Mc Manigan Academy
  4th Emma Newman Behan Academy
  5th Niamh Ennis Doyle Halpin School
Senior Ladies 1st Sarah Craig Royal Tara Dance Academy
  2nd Amy Maher Doyle Halpin School
  3rd Jiordan Webb-Mundy Kelalou Academy
  4th Lauren Cooke Mc Manigan Academy
  5th Jessica Ellis Ellis Parr Academy
  6th Ailish Lavelle Aimee-Leigh Academy
  7th Michaela Green Ellis Parr Academy
  8th Sharon Molloy Power School
  9th Lois Loudon Phipps School
  10th Niamh Jameson Mahon School
Senior Mens 1st Ronan Brennan Scoil Rince Flood Brennan
  2nd Kane Reidy Bernie O'Sullivan School
  3rd Paul Daly Garcia Kelly O'Dowd School
  4th Caoimhín Morgan Murray School
  6th Jonathan Mc Manus Royal Tara Dance Academy
  7th Jack Gatens Jig Factory Susan Stanek
  8th Brian Kelly Kelly O'Dowd School
11 8-Hand Ceili 1st   Bernie O'Sullivan School   Team A
  2nd   Mahon School
  3rd   Scoil Rince Uí Thuama
  4th   Bernie O'Sullivan School   Team B
  5th   Doyle Halpin School
  6th   Lawless Academy
  7th   Croí Academy   Team A
  8th   Croí Academy   Team B
13 8-Hand Ceili 1st   Bernie O'Sullivan School
  2nd   TIE   Mahon School
  2nd   TIE   Doyle Halpin School   Team B
  3rd   Sarah Jane's School
  4th   Scoil Rince Uí Thuama
  5th   Scoil Rince Inse Bhán   Team B
  6th   Scoil Rince Inse Bhán   Team A
  7th   Lawless Academy
  8th   Doyle Halpin School   Team A
  9th   Liffey Academy
13 Invention 1st   Doyle Halpin School
  2nd   Doyle Halpin School
  3rd   Liffey Academy
16 8-Hand Ceili 1st   Doyle Halpin School
  2nd   Royal Tara Dance Academy   Team B
  3rd   Mahon School   Team B
  4th   Royal Tara Dance Academy   Team A
  5th   Liffey Academy
  6th   Scoil Rince Inse Bhán
  7th   Lawless Academy
  8th   Rince Le Chéile
  9th   Mahon School   Team A
  10th   Croi Academy
16 Invention 1st   Royal Tara Dance Academy
  2nd   Liffey Academy
  3rd   Lawless Academy
Senior   8-Hand Ceili 1st   Bernie O'Sullivan School
  2nd   Mahon School   Team A
  3rd   Jig Factory Susan Stanek
  4th   Doyle Halpin School
  5th   Scoil Rince Inse Bhán
  6th   Kelly O'Dowd School
  7th   Scoil Rince Uí Thuama
  8th   Jordan Academy
  9th   Liffey Academy
  10th   Lawless Academy
Senior Invention 1st   Jig Factory Susan Stanek
  2nd   O'Brien School UK
  3rd   Doyle Halpin School
  4th   Jordan Academy
  5th   Kelly O'Dowd School
  6th   Lawless Academy
  7th   Liffey Academy
  8th   Grove Irish Dancers


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