50 Years of WORLD CHAMPIONS - Senior Men & Ladies

WORLD CHAMPIONS - Senior Ladies & Senior Men

A History of Results from 1970 thru 2019

1970 Ruth Pentony Vivienne Pentony Bergin
Dan Armstrong  
1971 Kathleen O'Shea Kavanagh Dan Armstrong  
1972 Kathleen O'Shea Kavanagh Tony Roddy  
1973 Kathleen O'Shea Kavanagh Tony Roddy  
1974 Marion Cleary Nolan    
1975 Imelda Florence Walsh    
1976 Imelda Florence Walsh    
1977 Imelda Florence Walsh Tony Roddy  
1978 Monica Buchick Turley    
1979 Frieda Gray Inis Ealga Jimmy Johnson  
1980 Ann Gallagher Maguire-Way John Corry  
1981 Frieda Gray Inis Ealga John Gallagher  
1982 Ann Gallagher Maguire-Way Aaron Crosbie  
1983 Ann Gallagher Maguire-Way Aaron Crosbie  
1984 Mairead Gray Inis Ealga Kevin Nealon  
1985 Mairead Gray Inis Ealga Kevin Nealon  
1986 Bernadette Trainor Griffin O'Loug. Brian Grant  
1987 Bernadette Trainor Griffin O'Loug. Liam Harney  
1988 Ann Gallagher Deegan Paddy O'Donnell  
1989 Carol Leavy Ui Rodaigh Colin Dunne  
1990 Caroline Greene McLoughlin Colin Dunne  
1991 Caroline Greene McLoughlin Colin Dunne  
1992 Caroline Greene McLoughlin Kevin McCormack O'Se
1993 Grainne Feely Hynes John Timm Richens
1994 Grainne Feely Hynes Damien Noone  
1995 Julie Regan Kinsella Conor Hayes  
1996 Sorcha McCaukl Ui Rodaigh Michael Donnellan  
1997 Theresa O'Sullivan Early-McLoughlin Gary Healy  
1998 Paula McManus   Raymond Walls  
1999 Noelle Curran Peter Smith Sean Hennigan  
2000 Darinagh White Clifford-Crosbie John Carey Doherty
2002 Kathy Irvine Butler-Fearon-O'Connor John Carey Doherty
2003 Kathy Irvine Butler-Fearon-O'Connor Steven Brunnings Glendarragh
2004 Sinead McLoughlin McLoughlin Timothy Kotchka Davis
2005 Carla O'Brien Mona ni Rodaigh Dermott Cullen M. O'Loughlin
2006 Nicole Zepcevski Aisling-Australia Byron Tuttle McMahon
2007 Lizzie Ellis Crosbie Dermot Cullen M. O'Loughlin
2008 Cecily Charlton McGahan-Lees Owen Barington Comerford
2009 Ashley Smith Smith-Houlihan Scott Doherty O'Shea-Chaplin
2010 Ciara Sexton Turley James Breen Duiginn
2011 Emily Pender Butler-Fearon-O'Connor Morgan Corner Doherty
2012 Suzanne Coyle McLoughlin Michael Holland Richens-Timm
2013 Claire Greaney Hession Tyler Schwartz Trinity
2014 Nadine Flynn Doherty Conor O'Brien O'Shea-Chaplin
2015 Nadine Martin Doherty Conor Simpson Simpson-Australia
2016 Zoe Griffin Ui Ruairc Josh Rudock Ceim Oir
2017 Michaela Hinds Butler-Fearon-O'Connor Brian Perry-Carrera Butler-Fearon-O'Connor
2018 Jessica Hindley Carey Ian Luebbers Holly & Kavanagh
2019 Jessica Hindley Carey Caolan McKeeting Lynch Mulvenna




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