US Open 2021 Championships

26-27 June 2021
Atlantic City, New Jersey, USA

Coverage from this event can be seen in the 
August/September 2021 issues of IDM


Future Champions Dancer School
Under 5 1 Evelyn Heckler Sabo School
  2 Molly Metzinger Sabo School
  T3 Anna Bensinger Sabo School
  T3 Taylor McDonald Sabo School
Under 6 1 Emily Bensinger Sabo School
  2 Arya Wilcox Lynn-O'Grady-Quinlan
  3 Mackenzie Mast Sabo School
Under 7 1 Julia Rhody Sabo School
  2 Julianne Newbold Hagen-Kavanagh
  3 Kendyl Farnsworth Lynn-O'Grady-Quinlan
Under 8 1 Matthew Kriner Lynn-O'Grady-Quinlan
  2 Makayla McCarthy Lynn-O'Grady-Quinlan
  3 Reagan Stec Lynn-O'Grady-Quinlan
Under 9 1 Emily Curtiss Thorne Academy
  2 Elle Black Central Florida Irish Dance
  T3 Nora Duffy Hagen-Kavanagh
  T3 Lilia Marzi Aranmore Academy
Official Championships    
Under 10 1 Aoibhe Baillie Lynn-O'Grady-Quinlan
  2 Garret Basta Lynn-O'Grady-Quinlan
  3 Amelia Alpha Lynn-O'Grady-Quinlan
Under 11 1 Jane Hagen Hagen-Kavanagh
  2 Maeve Duffy Hagen-Kavanagh
  3 Rose Lynn Callanan Lynn-O'Grady-Quinlan
Under 12 1 Emily Thomas Central Florida Irish Dance
  2 Grace Cheatham Aherne Sheehan
  3 Maeve Ledwith Hagen-Kavanagh
Under 13 1 Mary Grace Hagen Hagen-Kavanagh
  2 Emily Conte Lynn-O'Grady-Quinlan
  3 Caroline Cosgrove Hagen-Kavanagh
Under 14 1 Carlin Sabo Sabo School
  2 Sara Treaster Lynn-O'Grady-Quinlan
  3 Regina Culhane Hagen-Kavanagh
Under 15 1 Rachel Fleck Lynn-O'Grady-Quinlan
  2 Emilee Mae Lowry Lynn-O'Grady-Quinlan
  3 Mary Kate Lynn Callanan Lynn-O'Grady-Quinlan
Under 16 1 Isabelle Zeiger Lynn-O'Grady-Quinlan
  2 Caroline Scali Hagen-Kavanagh
  3 Keira Hoffman Sabo School
Under 17 1 Alicia Cunniff-Caracciolo Hagen-Kavanagh
  2 Keilani Collins Aherne Sheehan
  3 Daniel Callanan Lynn-O'Grady-Quinlan
Under 18 1 Aoife Cullen Lynn-O'Grady-Quinlan
  2 Emma Coale Hagen-Kavanagh
  3 Alexander Stratton Lynn-O'Grady-Quinlan
Under 20 1 Sean Cousland Lynn-O'Grady-Quinlan
  2 Jack Kelly Hagen-Kavanagh
  3 Jordan McCarthy Lynn-O'Grady-Quinlan
Under 22 1 Mary Martin Lynn-O'Grady-Quinlan
22 & Over 1 Arden Fehlinger Sabo School
  2 Brigid C. Rosendale Lynn-O'Grady-Quinlan
  3 Anna French Lynn-O'Grady-Quinlan
Adult 1 MaryAnn Rhody Sabo School
Champion of Champions    
Under 12 1 Maeve Duffy Hagen-Kavanagh
  2 Jane Hagen Hagen-Kavanagh
  3 Emily Thomas Central Florida Irish Dance
  4 Aoibhe Baillie Lynn-O'Grady-Quinlan
  5 Garret Basta Lynn-O'Grady-Quinlan
Under 16 1 Isabelle Zeiger Lynn-O'Grady-Quinlan
  2 Rachel Fleck Lynn-O'Grady-Quinlan
  3 Caroline Scali Hagen-Kavanagh
  4 Mary Kate Lynn Callanan Lynn-O'Grady-Quinlan
  5 Mary Grace Hagen Hagen-Kavanagh
16 & Over 1 Sean Cousland Lynn-O'Grady-Quinlan
  2 Daniel Callanan Lynn-O'Grady-Quinlan
  3 Alicia Cunniff-Caracciolo Hagen-Kavanagh
  4 Brigid C. Rosendale Lynn-O'Grady-Quinlan
  5 Aoife Cullen Lynn-O'Grady-Quinlan
Adult 1 MaryAnn Rhody Sabo School




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