Irish Dance: WORLD CHAMPIONS - Dance Talk! Inside Irish Dancing - Episode 7

IDM visits with three of our former cover stars, Megan Kerrigan, Alliyah O'Hare, and Ellen Kennedy.

Listen to this fab recap of what it was like for them appearing on our cover and advice for dancers they have today.

Alliyah is still actively competing, so we've included a very short parade of champ video for you to catch a glimpse of Irish Dance. Apologies for the dancing video quality at the end as it was not shot for this specific video but we thought you'd appreciate seeing Alliyah dance!

Megan provides incredible ADVICE FOR DANCERS on why stretching & mobility are KEY to YOUR SUCCESS! Visit Move with Meg to learn about her incredible program.

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Thank you to Shreem Celtic Remixing for the background music - we love it!