The Aftershock of a Bad Result!

By: Amy-Mae Dolan

On my way home from The World Championships, I wondered how all the dancers would be feeling with their results. As one dancer's dream came true another may have felt heartbroken. Some had achieved their goals or shocked themselves when placing higher than expected. Others disappointed as they didn’t get the result they anticipated, and then some who were ecstatic because they had made it there!

The 2019 North American Championships

For the first time this century, the North American Irish Dancing Championships are being held in what popular travel magazine Condé Nast Traveller has heralded as the Best City in North America, Vancouver, Canada. An unprecedented destination nestled between snow-capped mountains and the sparkling ocean, this vibrant, cosmopolitan city is bustling with fun.

With this year’s venue being centrally located in the waterfront Vancouver Convention Centre an exciting variety of restaurants, entertainment, shops and recreational activities are conveniently located nearby. Competitors won’t have to travel far to eat at great restaurants and enjoy some of the city’s best patio spaces that abound the venue’s perimeter, as well enjoy the many shops and attractions. 


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