The awesome Reels in the Rockies Irish Dance Adventure Camp is excited... welcome dancers from all over the world to Canada July 26th to July 31st, 2020 for their 5th anniversary of the camp.


Reel in the RockiesImagine the natural beauty of the gorgeous Canadian Rocky Mountains combined with World class instructors! At Reels in the Rockies dancers are offered an incredible summer camp experience! They participate in canoeing, archery, rock climbing and many more activities while also jumping into Irish Dance sessions with World Champions!

Taught by the Riverdance professional dancers, the participants of the six-day summer school will learn the iconic choreography from the show. The program takes place in three locations, one in Ireland and two locations in the USA in late July/Early August 2020.

The program trains dancers in all aspects of being a professional dancer. In addition to dancing and performance, there is a strong emphasis on nutrition, mind-set, strength and conditioning, leadership, teamwork, rest and recovery and general personal management that is sure to make a difference in every dancer’s life.

The Irish Music and Dance Experience is the original show school.

Now in its seventh year, studio2stage offers two fully live performances where dancers are on stage as part of the elite cast.

The program takes place Saturday July 25th-Sunday, August 2nd at Kean University in New Jersey, USA. The program offers a vocational overnight Cast Member Program for ages 15+ and a new Day Workshop Program for junior aspiring performers. Learn what it's really like behind the scenes of a major music and dance show production. Cast members audition for both the Cast Member and the Junior Day Workshop Programs.


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