Irish Dance Stars Tie the Knot!


Irish weddings are known to be epic celebrations and the marriage of Alan Scariff and Cheryl Nolan was no exception with lots of celebrating and dancing. So, how did the newlyweds meet? 

The duo knew each other through the dance circuit as both had danced for the famous Irish Dancing Show, Riverdance.

Now retired from Riverdance, both run successful dance schools and are Irish Dancing adjudicators. Let's just say, Irish Dancing is their life! 

Although the two never toured together, Irish Dancing ultimately brought them together. The two reconnected at feis in Manchester in January 2018 where they were judging.

By Christmas of 2018 they were engaged and on the 30th August they tied the knot and made it official as husband and wife.  In the Irish Dancing world, this is a match made in heaven!

All couples hope their wedding reception is memorable and fun for guests. But, unlike most couples, Alan and Cheryl’s friend list includes many former World champions and show stars!

As you can imagine, the wedding was incredibly fun with a lot of dancing, but a highlight was when a cast of nearly 30 former dancers from the Riverdance cast got up for old time sake and danced a famous number from the show.........

Dance Spotlight: Ella Owens, U15 

Scoil Rince Ceim Oir, Southern England, CLRG.

Do you remember your first feis, if so where was it and how did you do? My mum Hilary, tells me that my first feis was a class feis and I wouldn’t say I danced at it, I ran across the stage in a pink top and tutu that she had sewn together! I didn’t fit into light shoes so I wore tiny socks with black pumps on them and it was so much fun. After that I started going to proper class and once I had been to a few more feises and I loved dancing even more.

What things about the magazine have helped or inspired you along the way? I’ve loved always reading about the dancer of the month and what their stories are, they are always so inspirational and such amazing role models. It’s also really nice to relate to somebody else about your experiences, successes and hardships. I also love the adjudicator section because it’s always good to know what the judges are looking for, it's good to know what pleases people.

Tell us about your life on the international dance circuit. Have you worked your way up the competitive ranks or have you always been a top placer? I’ve been very fortunate to have been a top placer from a young age but I’ve had to work hard and sacrifice things. The competition standard is always so high that I never take any of it for granted......


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