What’s better than an Irish Dance themed book when you are a competitive Irish Dancer?

Step Sisters

A must have for a stocking stuffer is a book by the famous dance author - Seán de Gallaí. He offers several options for dancers, geared to different age groups. First is his new sequel to his bestselling book, Step Sisters. In the second installment follow Tanya and Siobhan as they use their Irish Dance talents to achieve success and happiness in Dream Team. (Ages 7-11). Step Sisters is also available as an audiobook read by Riverdance star and Irish Dancing Magazine feature writer, Ciara Sexton.

For very young readers - hot off the Press is the brand-new book – The Unicorn Puppy Adventures which promises to be a huge hit. In this book, a magical puppy comes to earth with a quest to save the unicorn race. For teenagers and older dancers check out de Gallai’s The Dancer and the great sequel Making Moves. Available on  




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