There is a NEW performing program

Next Step is taking place July 17th-24th in New York, brought to dancers by the creators of Camp Rince Ceol (CRC).

Next Step is an eight-day Irish Dance production immersing dancers ages 16 thru 20 in the professional stage world. This is a selective program where cast members must audition to be selected. Auditions are open to all dancers, ages 16-20, male and female. NEXT STEP begins taking auditions December 1st.

The program plans to properly prepare every cast member who has ever dreamed of performing one day in a professional dance company. In addition to real stage experience, cast members will receive a headshot, production shot and a 60 sec audition tape that they can use and submit for future auditions. CRC’s 20 years of experience leaves each cast member with the comfort knowing they can focus on their dancing while CRC provides 24 hr medical attendants and campus advisors to oversee cast housing and schedule. While Camp Rince Ceol sees dancers through their competitive goals, Next Step assists those with professional aspirations. From FEIS to STAGE, CRC takes dancers to the NEXT STEP in summer of 2020. Learn more at

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