Riverdance Summer School 2020!

Taught by the Riverdance professional dancers, the participants of the six-day summer school will learn the iconic choreography from the show. The program takes place in three locations, one in Ireland and two locations in the USA in late July/Early August 2020.

The program trains dancers in all aspects of being a professional dancer. In addition to dancing and performance, there is a strong emphasis on nutrition, mind-set, strength and conditioning, leadership, teamwork, rest and recovery and general personal management that is sure to make a difference in every dancer’s life.

The finale of each week is a fully staged rehearsed performance of Riverdance featuring all the students in front of an audience. While most of each day is spent dancing, there are also talks given by special guest speakers that will provide students great insight into the creative and business side of the industry. Riverdance partners with world class educational institutions including Dublin City University, Boston University and new for 2020 Otterbein University in Ohio.

Deadline for Registration is 31st May 2020 however most weeks have sold out prior to this date in previous years. Visit www.riverdance.com/summerschool for dates, information, and restrictions.

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