Meet 2018's WINNER!

Eire Designs by Gavin Doherty 

Debuts Finished Look!

Hannah Reid of Edinburgh, Scotland dances for Fallon School of Irish Dance.As many young dancers do, Hannah dreamed of designing her own solo costume.

Last year, after reading Irish Dancing Magazine’s August issue, Hannah noticed that Eire Designs by Gavin Doherty was sponsoring the popular Design a Dress contest. 

Hannah, a budding artist with a high interest in fashion, was determined to come up with an incredible design.

As a first-time entrant she did not believe she had a shot to win.

“I thought I would just do it for a bit of fun and because why not?”

Hannah took her role as designer seriously and her big inspiration came from a pair of VANS, the popular shoe brand.

When Hannah saw the checkered shoe, she knew the geometric black and white pattern would look incredible on her design.

Little did she know Gavin would agree and choose her design as the best out of hundreds submitted to Irish Dancing Magazine for consideration. 

Eire Designs posts to Instagram on Hannah's final fitting day


After collaborating with Eire Designs, she made the trip to Belfast for her final fitting experience.

I had an amazing time picking up my dress.  I’d also never had my makeup professionally done which was exciting and all the people who helped in the process in getting my gorgeous Gavin were all so lovely.”

While at Eire Designs, Hannah enjoyed meeting the other Irish Dancers waiting for costume fittings and pickups.

"I found it really interesting learning about how they train and all their dancing achievements but speaking to Gavin’s team about how they got into Irish Dance dress design business was the most inspiring."

Now that she has her own Gavin Doherty costume, Hannah is inspired to train harder and successfully compete at a higher level.

Since joining the Fallon School, Hannah has danced at WIDA’s British Open, All Irelands, and World Championships. In 2019 she placed 11th at the WIDA Worlds in the Netherlands.

“I have my goals set to hopefully reach the top five at majors by next the end of the year while dancing in my amazing new Gavin dress!” 




The 2019 Design a Dress contest has launched!  Start designing today - contest ends September 30, 2019.  Download the template here: ENTER NOW!   **


Submit your entry for the 2019 contest - be sure to design both a front and back and upload BOTH images! LINK TO UPLOAD ENTRY


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