Do you know a dancer who enjoys dancing for family and friends as well as practicing safely at competitions? If so, check out the “Naked Travel Board” designed by O’Mara Sprung Floors; a revered expert in dance flooring. This portable travel board helps keep dancers SAFE and INJURY FREE. Unlike some portable floors on the market, this one has a sprung floor which is designed to protect a dancer’s joints. The wood also enhances sound, so you don’t skip a beat.

Every dancer knows the frustration when trying to reduce the competition day deep tan after the big event is over. Lusso Tan’s innovative bath bombs are a fantastic solution for fading the tan while taking care of your skin! Packed full of essential oils that will enhance your senses and leave your skin tan free, velvety smooth and hydrated. Submerge yourself in a relaxing and luxurious bath while gently buffing your tan away with the Lusso Exfoliating Mitt. Bath bombs can be used whole or split in half. Bath bombs £8.50, Exfoliating Mitt £7.00.


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