The DREAM Costume

To earn your first solo costume is truly a dream come true and there is no better feeling that standing on stage with a costume designed just for you.

Eire Designs
Order your Christmas certificates now toward a 2020 new costume from Eire Designs by Gavin Doherty!


Check out Eire Designs by Gavin Doherty or Taylor Dresses Belfast as a starting point. Both are known for their one-of-kind designs and have resale values that stand the test of time. You can book now for 2020 and purchase a GIFT CERTIFICATES with values of £500, £1000, or £1500 STG toward the cost of a new costume along with getting on their exclusive design schedule! Both Eire Designs and Taylor are ready to make your Christmas dreams come true. Head to their websites for email and phone numbers to order a Christmas gift certificate to wrap up and put under the tree and to get on their coveted design schedule!

Taylor Dresses
Taylor Dresses is also offering xmas certificates! Order now!


Other costume design houses known for the stellar designs include big names like Aspire, Keltic Storm, Elevation, John Carey Designs, Prime Dress, Phoenix Irish Dresses, Doire and others! Before making any decisions check out all these amazing designers to see whose style you like best. And don’t forget to also check the costume resale company – if you have a good eye for design, you may be able to buy a second hand costume and have it restyled for your dancer to create a one of a kind look.

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