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 *Irish Dancing Magazine's April 2019 issue article, partial reprint  


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Irish Dancers Collaborate to “Be the Voice” in Support of Mental Health Awareness

Over 50 Irish dance students from the Washington D. C. area collaborated with Fusion Fighters, to create “Be the Voice”, a dance video raising mental health awareness and support for the American Foundation of Suicide Prevention (AFSP).

World Champion Mairead Trainor take the leads in "Be the Voice" 

The AFSP is a not-for-profit organization dedicated to saving lives and bringing hope to those affected by suicide, through education, community programs, research, and advocacy.

“This year I learned that one of my close friends had been struggling for years with severe depression and thoughts of suicide,” said Sophia Rankin, student of the McGrath Morgan Academy in Maryland/Virginia and an event organizer. 

“My friend stayed silent out of shame and fear of rejection.  I hope with ‘Be the Voice’ we can end the stigma and encourage people to talk about mental health, because it impacts all of us.” 

Sophia was inspired to work develop this project with dancer Shawn Dongieux in support the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention.  


pictured: Shawn and Sophia who hope to end the stigma associated with mental health issues



World Premieres to include ‘Listen’ by Irish national treasure, Colin Dunne


Photo by Lois Greenfield


Trinity Irish Dance Company (TIDC) is bringing its unique form of progressive Irish Dance to prestigious venues across the US this spring, including Chicago’s Auditorium Theatre on February 29th, New York’s Queens Theatre March 7th and 8th, and Philadelphia’s Annenberg Center March 27th and 28th. Called “impossibly complex” by The New York Times and “sophisticated and commanding” by the Los Angeles Times, this company of elite performing artists from across North America presents both classic and groundbreaking world premiere works.

Founded in 1990, TIDC is a contemporary, Irish-American performing arts company that pushes the boundaries of Irish Dance in an integrity-filled way without losing touch with its rich traditions. Through a unique blend of uncompromising power and grace, TIDC sends a clear message of female empowerment, consistently presenting males and females on equal footing.

“The women of TIDC don’t only get to make noise,” says Associate Artistic Director Chelsea Hoy. “We’re expected to make noise.”

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