Dance Dad DIY Project!

Build an At Home Dance Floor

One Step at a Time

Proud dance dad, Robert McAvoy, recently built his daughter, Addi, of the Blackbird Academy of Irish Dance in America, an at home practice floor. The project turned out amazing and is a true mini dance studio for Addi. This is a perfect DIY summer family project!

McAvoy says, “I would like to start with giving props to the website ‘What The Feis.’ I Googled ‘build an Irish Dance floor’, and although there were many ideas, the one I found on his site was, to me, the least complicated and most affordable.”

Using the instructions as a guide for his project, McAvoy then developed his own process to build a larger floor.

There is no better time than summer to take on a fun DIY project, so let's get started!

What you will need:


McAvoy recommends coming up with a plan of attack, as he did, before building. “Cut everything you need to cut outside, but then bring it to the location and put it together there. Colors work for me, so I coded the pieces of wood so I knew what I would need. I am not a professional carpenter, so I need all the help that I can get,” says McAvoy.


 To incorporate a large dance floor for his daughter, McAvoy expanded the floor into two areas.


With the first frame finished, McAvoy began to construct the second.

 “Take your level and make sure you are connecting the frames together straight...Again, I am not a professional carpenter, I'm just a dad doing his best,” says McAvoy.


 Now, with the frame level and finished, McAvoy began laying the flooring.  


“Making sure your first panel is straight is key to the rest of the flooring fitting,” McAvoy says.

With the flooring fitted and properly down, McAvoy used Gorilla Tape over the seams. This meant it was time to paint.


 “Chalkboard paint was suggested, and I must say, it was very easy to apply...chalkboard paint will not break the bank, and I've found that it provides a bit of tack rather than being slippery,” says McAvoy. According to this dance dad, painting the floor is not necessary, as the chalkboard paint takes quite the beating from these Irish Dancers.



Although one can end the project right here, not this dad. McAvoy decided to give his daughter even more of that "in the studio" feel by adding mirrors. If you decide to do this, McAvoy says, “Make sure your wall is clean and flat. If you have brick, like we do, find somewhere else to hang these. Find the flattest part of your wall. Press firmly for a good minute so that the tape can securely bond with the wall”.


 With McAvoy’s finished result he says, “Good luck and keep dancing”.





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