Summer 2019 Fun

Summer 2019 – HERE WE GO! Check out all your camp and show program options. Be sure to enroll early as many of the programs featured in our guide sell out quickly!

Each year there is a growing number of options for those interested in Irish Dancing to develop and hone their skills by attending a summer Irish Dance Camp or Show Program. So, which program is right for you?

The starting point for planning which program to attend this summer should center on what are you trying to accomplish. Are you training to be a professional show dancer? How old are you and what are you looking for in camp? Are you curious about what it is like to dance in a professional show or are you seeking ways to improve your technique and overall dancing? What type of activities do you like on your “off time” – are you an outdoor person or are you more interested in arts and crafts or music?

How to Choose a Camp These are all good questions for parents to ask as they investigate the summer camp options because you will find that each of the Irish Dance Champs and Summer Show Programs have their own unique offerings, all which should be carefully evaluated before choosing a program. One thing they all have in common is World class instruction!

IDM’s 2019 CAMP AND SUMMER PROGRAM GUIDE on the following pages includes some of the best and most exciting opportunities for dancers. If you think you have interest in “going pro” someday in the future, you must check out the Riverdance Summer School and Studio2Stage. Both programs offer incredible options for dancers who dream of going pro.

If you are a dancer hoping to improve your technique along with building some fun summer memories, then check out some of the camps where you stay in housing with other Irish Dancers over the course of a few days. These camps include well known programs such as Reels in the Rockies, Camp Rince Ceol, and Camp Rince Nua.

Reels in the Rockies provides instruction from World Champion registered TCRG’s. Located in the beautiful Canadian Rocky Mountains, the camp offers mind blowing opportunities for dancers who wish to explore nature during their non-dance time. The camp is known for working hard and playing hard! Imagine being able to work on your Irish Dancing all day with top class dance instruction, followed by activities such as canoeing, rock climbing, zip lining and high ropes. The location is simply breathtaking!

Camp Rince Ceol, the granddaddy of all the Irish Dance Summer Camps, offers a host of World class instruction from dancers who have extensive experience in the big name shows. Some of the camp’s alumni includes dancers who have gone onto win the Worlds! Over the years the camp has grown including multiple locations across the USA. The camp has sessions for dancers in California, Indiana, and New York for ages 7-18. Those over the age of 18 can avail of the camps very popular adult program which runs on its own week in New York. Camp Rince Ceol brings years of experience and array of extra-curricular programs to campers during the non-dance hours.

Camp Rince Nua also has a World class teaching team and offers a broad list of elective courses for campers including arts and crafts and Irish music lessons, along with a gorgeous pool too! The camp has two sessions this year, one in Massachusetts and one at Disney in Florida! The Disney program is expected to be a huge draw for campers this year! Check it out!

For those dancers who can’t travel for a stay away camp but want to add to their dance training along with meeting new dancers, check out Target Training. This is a program that works for every competitive dancer, whether you are a beginner or a World class competitor, Target Training can help you improve your dancing through their highly revered strength and conditioning program designed specifically for Irish Dance. They are taking their program “on the road” this summer so be sure to check out the dates they may be in your city!

New for 2019 is the KILOGEAR CUT Fusion Fighters Camp which is traveling to cities all over the world! This unique camp concept brings dancers a unique and exciting three-day experience which educates, prepares and develops them in fitness, mindset, and dance. In addition, Fusion Fighters also is running their annual camp in Limerick Ireland, sponsored by KILOGEAR CUT.


From the April-May 2019 issue of IDM 
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