Throw Away the Tape!

Problem Solved!


For dancers who dislike the chore of taping their shoes, over and over again, Boyne Walk has designed a clever solution called - Cludachs. 


Cludach, pronounced ‘Clu-Dok’, is an Irish word, meaning "cover." The product has been designed to prevent dancers from having to tape and re-tape their shoes at competitions and classes. Not only are they functional, but for those who are concerned about the amount of landfill space in the world, Cludachs provide a solution by eliminating mounds of tape that ultimately end up in the trash bin.

The product is worn over a dancer's shoes leaving the poodle socks visible above the ankle. Cludachs  are designed to be worn tight and they achieve the look that dancers want by lowering the shoe line, lengthening the appearance of the leg and securing the shoe to the foot, all in an easy on - easy off solution. The product is made from a Spandex/Polyester material and they are washable and reusable. An added benefit is they provide an environmentally friendly solution to the tons of plastic based tape used by dancers every year. 

Over the years fewer dancers wear their heavy shoes in competition result photos. Why? Considering two of the three rounds at major competitions are in heavy shoes, it is more likely a dancer wants to wear theirs but also wants the look of a taped shoe. Even for results photos, Cludachs are a fabulous and much needed solution.

Cludachs also solve the issue of white topped hard shoes becoming dirty and worn after a few wears.  Boyne Walk are ceasing production of the White Storm and White SuperStorm shoes. They believe that the Cludachs will create the appearance of wearing a white topped shoes without the drawbacks.

The product is available online from on the Boyne Walk website and can be shipped world-wide.  Boyne Walk launched the Cludachs in late July of this year and within 24 hours the first production run batch sold out; a clear indicuation this product is much needed in the Irish Dancing world. The company is swiftly working on producing more and expanding production capabilities. Given early demand, Boyne Walk will soon offer stores and vendors the opportunity to carry this product. Those interested in becoming part of the sales network should email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

Boyne Walk is the oldest Irish Dance footwear business in the world having been involved in the manufacture, wholesale and retail of Irish Dance footwear since 1972. The company offers a full range of soft shoes and hard shoes including the the renowned Storm and SuperStorm hard shoes and Reel Comfort soft shoes, worn by thousands of dancers, including World Champions, many of whom would not consider wearing another brand.

Visit BoyneWalk to check out the Cludachs and their famous dance shoes!


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